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Unique Approach

The Power of Partnership

Arlon believes that good partnerships are fundamental to operating and financial success. We actively support the management teams of our portfolio companies to improve operations, professionalize processes and reporting, and promote additional company growth over time. As specialists in food and agriculture, we are uniquely positioned to understand the various challenges and opportunities food and agriculture businesses face. By tapping into our extensive global networks, Arlon is able to bring together the talent and industry-specific resources necessary to create value for our portfolio company partners.

Industry Access and In-depth Research Process

Arlon's in-depth research approach and extensive industry contacts allow us to capitalize on opportunities across all segments of the food supply chain, including those that may benefit from broader food and agricultural macro trends.

When considering a potential investment, our teams evaluate whether:

  • Appropriate rates of return can be achieved;
  • Sufficient barriers to entry are in place;
  • Attractive exit opportunities exist; and
  • Arlon can deliver differentiated value

Our teams conduct deep-dive research into numerous food and agriculture sub-sectors, which allows us to take advantage of particular trends and identify the best operators in the industry. This approach also enables us to provide diversification in our private equity portfolios while mitigating risk.

Collaboration and Insight

We seek to leverage our extensive expertise to provide strategic and operational assistance to our portfolio companies. Our knowledge of the food and agriculture sectors allows us to partner with management teams to provide a comprehensive view of the supply chain and how it affects their businesses. We take a long-term approach to our relationships with the management teams of our portfolio companies and seek to create value by growing core operations while pursuing the strategic development of our portfolio companies.

Our investments are founded on partnerships with exceptional management teams who believe in working together to create value for all of the company's stakeholders. The investment teams work with management to establish a shared vision for each portfolio company's strategic development. Whether the need is to augment a growing management team, to add productive capacity to a manufacturing business, or to energize a branded business through new product development, we work closely with management to bring the right resources for each company's needs.