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North America

A Long-Term Leader in Innovation and Production

Arlon focuses its North American investment activities on small to middle-market growth investments or buyouts in the United States, the largest food and agriculture market in the world. We see North America as a key market for food and agriculture investing because of the region's prominent role in global food production and consumption and its long history of innovation.

The U.S. serves as both an important global agricultural producer, with leadership positions in many global commodity export markets, and as a leading market for consumer-focused product development. U.S. research and innovation in food and agriculture has led to best-in-class practices and products that benefit the global industry across a variety of areas. On the agricultural end of the supply chain, North America's high agricultural yields have been built on decades of advancements in farm management, crop science and research into optimizing inputs. The U.S. is also well known as the originator of many global food product trends, with a significant number of new food items introduced to the market each year, both at retail and in foodservice outlets.

Sample Investment Criteria

Arlon has the flexibility to consider investments outside the parameters below, and Arlon's investments may not meet the criteria as described herein.

North America
  • EBITDA greater than $5mm
  • Cash flow positive
  • Equity check: typically $25-50mm, although, for the right opportunity, we will invest more or less