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About Us

Global Vision for Long-Term Growth

Arlon Group is a food and agriculture investment firm with a global network that supports investments across the entire food supply chain in the Americas. Arlon focuses on identifying private equity opportunities in middle-market food and agriculture businesses in North America and Latin America. Arlon was established and seeded in 2007 by Continental Grain Company, a more than 200-year-old, family-owned global agribusiness company with a heritage that informs all that we do.

Our Arlon investment professionals are experts in food and agriculture investing. Our investment teams work collaboratively across geographies to share insights, intelligence and expertise that help identify compelling, high-growth and long-term investment opportunities. Arlon's global network of affiliates includes Continental Grain Company and its investment group along with our affiliate in Asia, Continental Capital Limited, which invests in private food and agriculture companies, with a focus on China. Arlon has also developed a network of operating partners worldwide who provide valuable industry and operational expertise.

Far-Reaching Global Presence

Arlon has approximately *$1.5 billion in assets under management and is headquartered in New York, with an office in São Paulo, Brazil, and, through a local affiliate, in Beijing and Hong Kong, China. In addition, we have been a registered investment adviser with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since March 2012.

Compelling Investment Opportunities

Arlon believes the food and agriculture sectors offer compelling investment opportunities along the entire food supply chain - from production to distribution and consumption. These opportunities result from tight supply and demand conditions created by three primary global macro factors that we expect to endure over the long term:

  • Continued global population growth
    The United Nations forecasts that the world's population will grow to 9.6 billion by 2050 from 7.2 billion today
  • Transition from a carbohydrate-based diet to a protein-based diet resulting from continued income growth
    We expect that more food will have to be produced over the coming decades than has been produced during the past 10,000 years, and
  • Limited arable land and water
    According to The World Bank, in 2011 (the most recent data available), 37.5% of the world's total land was agricultural. Most of the world's high quality land is currently under production, and the amount of agricultural land (land that is arable or under permanent crops or pastures) has remained nearly static for the past 30 years. As a result, land expansion opportunities are limited, and yield growth will need to fill the majority of the production increase.

With our unique combination of targeted investment expertise and a deep-rooted foundation in the industry, we believe Arlon is ideally positioned to be a valuable partner to companies in the food and agriculture space.

*Assets under management figure is not the same as Regulatory Assets Under Management as it appears on Form ADV and which show the gross asset value plus uncalled capital.